Author: Donald E. Maloney

The Best Dating Apps for 2021

Regardless of whether you’re searching for an easygoing hookup, a committed relationship, or even a marriage, we’ve tried every one of the significant dating apps so you don’t need to sit around idly you could be spending on dates. Regardless of whether you’re searching for a drawn out relationship or a speedy goods call, there’s […]

How to Recover From Sex Addiction?

Sex is perhaps the most natural aspect of all life. A physiological need, sexual activities are woven into the very fabric of our nature. You feel it even if you have never talked about it. The benefits of having sex regularly are many and vary.  Inherently, it’s a relaxing, healthy activity that boosts self-esteem, happiness and immune system […]

Why You Should Date a Solitary Parent

The meaning of connections is ceaselessly evolving. There are more part and multi-families than any other time and it isn’t easing back down. The separation rate is at an untouched high in the western world and the mammoth separation industry is a $6 billion dollar business urging you to be a slacker. Accordingly, individuals are […]

OkCupid’s Dating Data Center

What singles around the world are matching on in August 2021 Every month we will be sharing the latest OkCupid matching questions and responses, showing what’s top of mind for our millions and millions of daters around the world. And so far, our matching questions have been answered 365 million times this year! Our newest […]