Dating Apps Comparison: Tinder, Parship, Lovoo - Where Is the Best Place to Flirt?

Dating Apps Comparison: Tinder, Parship, Lovoo – Where Is the Best Place to Flirt?

If you’re looking for a partner online, you’ll come across cheating apps like Tinder or dating agencies like Parship and Finya. Where is the best place to flirt? And does it have to cost anything or is it also possible for free? A comparison.

Online dating and online partner searches were long disreputable. But at the latest with the success to catch a cheater app like Tinder, the prejudices are fading. According to a survey by the industry association Bitkom, one in three Germans over the age of 16 has already tried a corresponding service, and with success: one in two users has already met a partner via the Internet.

Dating Apps Comparison: Tinder, Parship, Lovoo - Where Is the Best Place to Flirt?
Dating Apps Comparison: Tinder, Parship, Lovoo – Where Is the Best Place to Flirt?

In addition to dating apps like Tinder, Bumble or Lovoo, online dating agencies like Parship and singles exchanges like Finya also court users. What’s the difference?

You can meet new people on all three types of dating platforms. However, the process itself is fundamentally different. On a singles site like Finya, you can click through a wide range of profiles and, if necessary, make contact. The whole thing is reminiscent of a classic personal ad in the newspaper. The dating agency, on the other hand, takes some of the work off your hands by only suggesting suitable profiles from other users. Parship, for example, uses its own personality test for this.

Dating apps often act as matchmakers as well – but the suggestions are usually not based on a deeper comparison of profiles, but rather on predefined criteria such as age or distance from one another. There is also a kind of “gamification” factor. You can only write to a person once both sides have expressed interest. This matching principle can be beneficial for self-confidence and prevent disappointment.

Anyone who wants to try out online dating without any obligation at first is best advised to use Finya. The offer is 100 percent free. The singles exchange finances itself exclusively through advertising and offers NO paid premium features.

Love is not for sale! Finya proves that. Unlike many competitors, the dating site is unrestrictedly free of charge. However, the quality does not suffer as a result. Instead of fake profiles or chatbots, you flirt with real people on – but mainly only on the computer. Mobile dating with Finya is still very limited.

Compared to the competition, however, you do not have to sacrifice anything in terms of functionality. You can search the provider’s database for your dream partner using extensive search filters or look for the next flirt in a matching game. We only miss an app, but you can use Finya’s mobile website on your smartphone.

Bumble is a Tinder clone, but it does a lot better than the original. Women aren’t inundated with requests, and men can rest assured that if they do make contact, they’ll be highly interested.

The better Tinder

At first glance, Bumble seems like just another Tinder clone. However, it quickly becomes apparent that the app has cleverly expanded the Tinder principle. If you are looking for a serious relationship via the app and not just a quick hookup, you are much better off with Bumble than with Tinder.

Those who are willing to dig deeper into their pockets for a chance at true love and are not put off by the complex registration process can give Parship a chance. The effort is rewarded with perfectly fitting partner suggestions.

Here you have to invest time and money

The search for a partner at Parship is promising, but unlike Tinder and the like, it is not free of charge. In addition, you have to reveal a lot about your personality to the service – even though this data is well secured, we still had a queasy feeling in the test.

No! There are now many services that are completely free of charge. In addition to Finya, this is Facebook Dating. In addition, many services can also be used with a free account, such as Tinder or Bumble. But then you have to do without certain features.

True love can’t be bought, and that’s also true on the Internet. According to our experience, paid portals do not increase your chances of flirting. You often pay for features that you get for free on other portals. Finya, for example, offers almost the same features as Tinder or Lovoo – without you having to sign up for a subscription.

As you can see in our comparison, the differences between the apps are sometimes small. Finya, Bumble, and Tinder are almost on par. When choosing the right dating platform for you, you should therefore keep the following criteria in mind in addition to the final score:

Our rates dating platforms based on their functionality. To ensure smooth functionality, a clear user interface is of great importance. That’s why we test every service on different devices. In addition, we examine the offer structure and evaluate the price and subscription model. We also check the registration process and explain how fast it is and what data is collected. We also examine the seriousness of the offer. If the provider has already attracted negative attention in the past or if there are numerous fake profiles, this has a negative impact on the rating.

Netzwelt tests dating sites on various devices. We evaluate the operation, the registration process, as well as costs and the subscription model. We also check the seriousness of the portal.

We assign points to each of these criteria. Our scale ranges from one point (poor) to ten points (very good). The overall score is calculated from the individual scores. However, the tester can increase or decrease the score by one. This can be done, for example, if one of the criteria is particularly outstanding in comparison with other services. You can find out who we are, how we obtain our test devices, and how netzwelt is financed on our transparency page.

Whether you’re looking for a partner for life on Finya, Tinder or another online dating site, the following tips will increase your chances of flirting:

If you’re not looking for a relationship or a harmless flirt, but rather physical closeness, you’ll find C-Date or JoyClub on the Internet. But which offers are serious? We will clarify this in the following articles.