How to Check a Man for Cheating at a Distance, Through the Phone and Testicles

How to Check a Man for Cheating at a Distance, Through the Phone and Testicles

Cheating husband how to find out for sure: How to check a man for cheating at a distance, through the phone and testicles

How to check a man for adultery at a distance, over the phone and by testicles?
Men by nature are hunters. If you believe the statistics, every third man cheats on his woman (no matter if you are married or just dating).

How to Check a Man for Cheating at a Distance, Through the Phone and Testicles
How to Check a Man for Cheating at a Distance, Through the Phone and Testicles

How do you know if you are cheating? All fairly trivial, enough to look at the behavior of a spouse. And there is no need to play Agatha Christie, to follow him on foot, to keep track of all his meetings, to put a bug. Watch him at home. We will help you identify adultery husband and to expose him.


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The first bell will be a decrease in the need for sex on the part of the man. The husband is not enough for two women, unless, of course, he is a sexual giant. Also, a man does not just have an affair on the side – most likely you have ceased to attract him. And why would the husband have sex with an unattractive woman when he can have any beautiful woman? Indifference to sex can be caused not only by cheating – a man can compensate for his dissatisfaction by watching porn movies and self-satisfaction. But this is no better than cheating – it indicates a big hole in the relationship, which you will have to deal with together.


You can check your husband or boyfriend for cheating through your phone. Especially you should be alert to the fact of infidelity if your husband goes to talk on the phone in another room, talks in front of you in short general phrases, gets nervous when calling, drops calls. While he is out of sight, investigate the contents of his cell phone. Be prepared for the fact that you will not find any dirt, the contacts will be only “Paul. Computer repair” or “Eugene. Tire fitting,” no Ola, Mash, Kate, … Contacts, calls and SMS-calls can be cleaned, encrypted.
Try to call any suspicious number, and you’re likely to answer a woman’s voice.
Correspondence can also be found in social networks. If you are sure that your husband is cheating, buy a left SIM card and dial a love message on it, but not as if the wife, but as if the mistress had written it. That way you will definitely recognize whether your spouse has a mistress or if you are paranoid.


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A man’s attitude to you and to the children will change. There are two possible options – he will feel his guilt, to shower you with gifts, to pay attention, to care. Or, conversely, he will alienate, scandalized, less communication with the children. Warn should alert both options for behavior. In the first case, the man is trying to make amends and try to resume the love (this option is often manifested in a one-time infidelity). In the second – to justify his treason to himself, making you look guilty and bad.


When the husband is often absent from home, especially in the evening – this is a clear sign of treason. Yes, he may refer to burdens at work, part-time work, frequent business trips (and in fact it may be so), but you should be wary. Coupled with other signs of treason, especially if before such a workaholic your spouse has not been noticed, delay at work suggests 100% thoughts of treason.


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Mother-in-law can start complaining to you about your son – saying that he began to call her and visit her less often. This means that he has less time for his mother, and where he makes up for it is not known.
The behavior of mutual friends should also be alert – some of them may be aware of his affair, they will try to protect you, will be sorry for no reason and pay more attention.
Another situation is possible – your husband will have new friends with whom he does not want to introduce you. He will rest with them in a sports bar, go fishing and hunting, handle kayaking, and you will not consciously take with them.


Before, he did not pay such close attention to his image and appearance, but now he shaves every day, often updates his closet, does manicures, smells good, is always neat, takes a daily shower. The question arises – for whom he tries so hard, and where he spends his time when he is not with you? Most likely with his mistress.


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When the husband began to work more, but his income remained in the same place, or maybe became even lower – this should be alert. Yes, maybe he plays cards for money, but that’s no consolation either, but it’s quite possible that he has a mistress.
When your husband cheats, he drastically cuts the family budget and is reluctant to allocate money for you and the children.

Naturally, the mistress requires investment – what fool will just meet with a married man, knowing that she will not get anything serious and do not get for it expensive gifts, restaurants and holidays abroad?


Yes, such a test also has its place. The fact of recent sex can be determined by the appearance of the male testicles. If a man came home, immediately went to take a bath (not a shower), follow him.
Lying in the bathtub, his testicles should float freely, if they lie on the body under their own weight, it means he had sex recently. But this is not 100% proof of cheating.


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Men who have a mistress, tries to carefully hide her existence, but all the evidence to hide will not work. If you will be careful, you will notice 1000 different little things – a strange smell of women’s perfume, traces of lipstick, an unfamiliar bra in the car interior.
And of course, a woman who is sleeping with your husband will want to destroy your family sooner or later – she may call you or come to your home, send intimate photos by e-mail, provide love correspondence and much more.

This will be the real proof with which to go to her husband and bring him out in the open.

And finally, even if the behavior of your husband has changed a lot and falls under most points, do not lose composure and do not arrange him a scandal. Maybe he did not cheat on you, but he has serious problems with potency, finances, work, a quarrel with his parents, seriously ill. Anything at all. Your suspicions must be supported by facts, otherwise you can think up anything you want.

The test for adultery. How can you tell if your husband is cheating?
– If it seems to you, it does not seem to you. Of course, women can sometimes “wind up” and invent, but, as a rule, wives pick up hidden signals of deception, treason, betrayal – says psychologist Lily.
The most effective method – to observe your partner and notice changes.

How to determine that her husband is cheating?
Your relationship has changed.
He may be either too cold with you, or, on the contrary, too gentle, caring not as before
Everything was fine, but suddenly he became irritable. He does not pay attention to you, does not want to spend time together. This is the first signal that he has someone on the side.
The opposite situation is also possible. You were already living as mates, but suddenly he began to “re-love” you. Flowers, gifts, dates. So he is trying to hide his deception, to pretend that all is well.

Very attentive to his appearance.
He started to watch his clothes, his face, he decided to exercise and eat right.
– All his life he changed his socks once every three days, and now he takes a shower in the morning and evening and changes his clothes every day for a reason. When a man has a new “passion”, he begins with a particular care for himself – says Lilia Lyubimova.

Always with the phone
She has a password on her cell phone. She puts her phone with the screen facing down. She takes her cell phone with her at all times, including to the shower and to the bathroom.
Life of modern people is hidden in the phones, says Gestalt therapist Anna Taipova. Some personal photos and correspondence in a cell phone of each person. But if your husband says that his secrets, that you do not need to know about it, or every time you make a scandal when you ask to see the phone – then he really has something to hide.

Schedule has changed.
Business trips and meetings have become very frequent. She is also called to work on weekends.
– Her husband used to be able to stay late, but it was rare, so there was no suspicion. But now he comes home late, tired, does not want to tell you how his day was, and your life does not interest him – he probably has more “important”, – says Anna Taipova.
His body gives him away.
The running gaze. His face is now red, now pale. Excessive gesticulation.
A man can be very confident, but it is unlikely to thoroughly conceal the deception. As noted by psychologists, fear exposes even the most skilled liar. And this is reflected in the body. Nervous, a person may blush, be covered with spots, his palms sweat and speech confusion. Try to talk to your husband and see how he will behave.
It’s best to start the conversation by asking him a question head-on: “Is there anything you want to tell me?” Such wording, according to Lily, puts a man on edge. In this condition, he can not quickly find the right answer, begins to talk nonsense, and then you can use manipulative phrases:
– I already know everything. Let you tell him yourself! – in fact you may not know anything, but to confirm your suspicions, it is better to resort to deception, which psychologists call “manipulation of the truth.
– Yesterday you were seen with a woman. Who is she? – This, too, may not be true, no one told you anything, most likely. His answer of “colleague” or “acquaintance” is likely to be an excuse. Find out where they met, how they keep in touch. If he says that your acquaintances are mistaken, ask where he was at the time and with whom. From there, watch for a reaction.
– If you have nothing to hide, give me the phone – if you start a scandal, then you are being cheated. If you do get a cell phone, check not only correspondence and photos, but also deleted pictures and messages.
Before you get involved in “unmasking” a cheater, decide whether you want to know the truth.
– As practice shows, many women, even after finding out about the cheating, want to save the marriage. First, they are afraid of loneliness. Secondly, they do not want people’s condemnation, because it is believed that “from good wives husbands do not go out. Then why know this truth? – Lily says.
If you do not want to live a life of deception and are ready for the most uncomfortable truth – look for hidden signals and ask direct questions. If “the weather in the house” is more important than anything else, it is better to enjoy what you have and not try to create a problem where there is none.