Twelve Things I Would Rather Do Than Step Into The Dating Pool

Twelve Things I Would Rather Do Than Step Into The Dating Pool

Even the idea is repulsive to me.

Photo by Taylor Simpson on Unsplash

The idea of dating is repulsive to me. No, not dating someone that is lovely, warm and genuinely attractive in many ways. I mean jumping into the dating pool. I feel nauseous thinking about it. Pools are disgusting. I took a scuba diving class at a YMCA. I can never purge from my memories what I saw so clearly through a scuba mask as I explored all of the depths and areas of that pool. I will spare sharing with you the foulness and things that I saw in there. I have not wanted to swim in a pool since. That is exactly how I feel about dating.

Yes, I did survive a dysfunctional relationship and the divorce process rather recently. I still don’t feel free or single. But, I have been digging out from some major tasks. It’s a feeling that, “after this goal or that, then I will feel free”.

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My life is my normal. If it was anyone else’s life, I would say it has been hellishly horrible. But my attitudes about dating are very much like they were when I was in school. I don’t think it is worth the effort. By it I mean spending my time with people I don’t want to and don’t like, with the hope of connecting with one that I would wish to spend time with. I am not willing to endure a thousand cringe-y moments or even one hundred or ten for one that is potentially good. I see and observe that a lot of women pursue relationships and make it happen like a boss. Nope- not me.

As I ponder how repulsive dating is to me, I thought of things I would rather do than dive in or even put a toe into the dating pool:

  1. swimming with alligators
  2. running needles through the bottom of my foot
  3. cleaning toilettes (sounds more French and polite spelled that way)
  4. mosquitos- I really hate them! But I will… yes I will go in a tank of mosquitos
  5. pluck hairs from my nostrils
  6. ride a bicycle blindfolded
  7. peeling off my fingernails
  8. be caught by my creepy, stalker neighbor every day for a month and have to listen to her misfortunes
  9. live by the field that they spread zoo poo onto, for fertilizer (worse than pig manure; it is a pungent, all consuming, smothering smell) (Is it strange that I know this information?)
  10. get a dirty fish hook run through my finger- (Yes, that happened to me when I was young. The fishing rod fell to the ground, tightening the line while the hook had been held between my thumb and index finger. The hook was caught around a small bone of my index finger. My male parental figure spent an agonizingly long time trying to force it out, to avoid taking me to a doctor. The hook tip has a sharp barb and the other end an eye. It had to be cut out. Be careful out there kids. I guess you could say, I was the catch.)
  11. getting stung by bees (I love bees. They wouldn’t intentionally hurt me.)
  12. rub rotted kitchen scraps and maggots over my body (My compost bin is too wet. It is nasty and smelly muck. It needs dry material added. But the larvae seem to be breaking down the materials at a record pace.)

I guess I am just not ready to jump in. I don’t think I ever would be. Looks like it would take a massive attitude shift and also some anesthesia.

Reply and join the conversation if you have any encouragement, experience, something additional or are also repulsed by the dating pool.